Jessica T.C. Leonard



A native born Detroiter, Jessica Crenshaw-Leonard began her love affair with the arts at the age of 7. She has almost surrounded and involved herself with in the fine arts and began formal vocal training at the age of 16.  She is a 2009 graduate of Detroit Renaissance High School, where developed her musical talents and to a lesser extent her visual artistry. She graduated from Tuskegee University with her B.S. in Sociology with a concentration in Child Development and Urban Studies. She is now located in Seattle, WA with her husband, where she works with Friends of the Children- Seattle, a 12 year mentoring program. With such a demanding job, there was a strong need to find a coping mechanism. After trial and error with various outlets, she returned to her very first love, painting. What started out as a stress relieving hobby has turned into a possible small side career. Her simple style allows the viewer to interpret the story behind the piece in their own way. Her subject matter is to explore the world from the point of view of the POC’s point of view.